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The Sexless Marriage is a collection stories from Maureen’s sexual health nursing practice.

Maureen educates the reader on how the body functions from a sexual perspective and not only what may go wrong, but what one can do about it. Intertwined within her storytelling are eloquent examples of passion, heartache, love, pain and hope. She explains common aspects of the human condition, with all its emotion, angst and consequence especially when life brings unexpected challenges to a marriage.
Her tell it like it is style while educating the reader about sex, medical conditions and/or relationship issues that are common but still taboo is evident throughout. She delicately explains the negative impact of certain medical conditions on intimacy. Learn more and love better.

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  1. maureen

    “Ever wondered what goes on behind the doors of a sex counsellor’s office? Look no further than a new book by Vancouver’s own radio call-in adviser, Maureen McGrath. The host of The Sunday Night Health Show put together a highly readable account of her transition from registered nurse with a specialty in women with pelvic floor problems to holding on-air, no-holds-barred discussions of all thing sexual.
    She started out as a regular guest on former premier of BC Christy Clark’s talk show and graduated to become a ‘sexpert’ with her own program.

    McGrath also has a private practice and, in her book, she shares anonymous tales of serial infidelity, sex addiction and the perils of finding partners online. Sex is good for you, and sex can and should be fun,” writes McGrath, who offers plenty of tips on getting there.”
    Erin Ellis, The Vancouver Sun

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