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Sex, Health, and Relationships

With Maureen McGrath

Join nurse and radio personality Maureen McGrath as she delves into the intimate intersections of sex,
health, and relationships on her captivating podcast.
With over a decade of experience behind the mic, she delivers insightful advice, expert interviews and candid discussions to empower listeners in navigating their most personal matters.

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Sunday Night Health Show Podcast 


A Live Podcast about Sex, Health and Relationships

Drops every Sunday Night at 8 pm


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 PODCAST LAUNCHES March 3, 2024  Sunday Night Health Show Podcast

It’s a podcast on iTunes, Google Play & Spotify or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

She is a sought after speaker who educates physicians, nurses, pharmacists, pelvic floor physiotherapists and the public.

“Maureen is absolutely outstanding. I’ve been running professional conferences for 20 years. On a scale of 1-10 her presentation is a 12. She educates you on a very personal topic seldom openly discussed. She could be a stand-up comedienne as it is non-stop laughter as you listen to topics that hit home.”

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